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I'm a wedding and engagement photographer with over seven years of photographic experience, based in Bucks County and the Philadelphia area. My life is a creative smattering of love and adventure and curiosity, especially since meeting my wonderful husband.

My journey as a lifelong creative and keeper of ticket stubs and the like has inspired my photography, where I fall in love with each couple's story and spirit in beautiful Bucks County (and beyond!)

I'm a passionate and excited about each detail & heartfelt moment and I carry my curiosity with me to each and every couple's session, wedding, and elopement to cherish and keep each unique memory.

Meet Jenn

hello friend! I'm Jenn

a photographer second

a goofball & storyteller first

stuff I dig

Literally any bird



Running (slowly)

memories that read like dreams

By weaving together a few different approaches including lifestyle, documentary, and storytelling photography, my style is not just about capturing a moment. It's about immortalizing the emotions and capturing them as if they were a daydream.

few things excite me more than a couple just obsessed with each other.

The couples I work with are passionate, creative people who put each other first. They're also obsessed with making their wedding day beautiful for their guests, and with curating moments that make it *chef's kiss* absolute magic.


My favorite moments to photograph are the ones where everyone is holding their breath. Think: getting ready, the moment before the first look, right before the bride walks down the aisle.

Second to that is, of course, the PARTY! The second September by Earth, Wind, & Fire comes on--I drop everything I'm doing to dance right along with you.

Fun fact: I had the DJ at my wedding play September no fewer than 3 times.

you might see me holding up funny things in front of my camera in between wild noises of joy.

I'm delighted by color and dreamy vibes, so naturally--I put weird things in front of my camera to see what kind of wild effects I can make happen. I bring along a lot of toys for this, but most often I'll ask a bridesmaid to borrow her bouquet so we can hone in on your wedding colors or I'll pick up a random piece of garbage. Trust me, it works. :)

oop! your dreams are showing (i love them already)

"Jenn is such a fun and absolutely delightful person to work with!"


"Her dedication and talent shine through, making the memories even more special."

ryan + Nihal

"is five stars even enough… also probably not when this woman deserves a galaxy!"

jeannine + antonio

"It is honestly hard to find words to describe Jenn and her art other than amazing."

taylor + frankee

Love notes & kind words