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Springtime Engagement Photos in New Hope, Pennsylvania

I was at odds with my husband when we were planning this moment on our wedding day. Being a wedding photographer, I was all for a first look. My husband is a bit more traditional. He wanted to see me for the first time walking down the aisle toward him. We made a compromise in […]

Alternate ideas to a first look

elegant first look

Hey there, amazing soon-to-be-weds! 🎉 Planning your wedding day timeline can be a bit like choreographing a dance—it needs to flow, feel good, and look great. As your wedding photographer, I’m here to guide you through timing each part of your day to ensure we capture every memorable moment. Whether you choose a 6, 8, […]

How to Create a Perfect Wedding Day Timeline

A wedding couple in a getaway car

Amidst all the craziness of wedding planning, you might be wondering, “Do we really need an engagement session?” Spoiler alert: YES, you do!

Should you do an Engagement Session?

engagement shoot at Longwood Gardens

Detail shots don’t add anything to a wedding album. Said no photographer ever. Why do those close-up shots of rings, flowers, and decor make all the difference in a wedding album? Here’s my take: Detail shots capture the small pieces of your big day. They immortalize the little touches and creative choices that were all […]

Just a giant list of wedding day detail ideas

Hey there, friend! If you’ve been on a quest to find the most enchanting wedding venue that feels like it’s been lifted straight from a fairytale, your search ends at the breathtaking Parque at Ridley Creek. Nestled in the heart of a lush state park, this venue is nothing short of S T U N […]

Parque at Ridley Creek

Capturing the essence of love in Chicago during a POLAR VORTEX (!!) was an exhilarating experience with Rebecca & Farooq. Their engagement session was a vibrant tour across a few locations & it wasn’t just about the photos we took—it was a celebration of their unique story. Engagement sessions don’t have to be in one […]

Cinematic Engagement Sessions

An engaged couple looking out over the city of Chicago during their engagement photo photoshoot

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